Welcome to the
Men’s Resource Center of Philadelphia

We help men and women feel more connected with themselves and others and even the greater natural world. Through laughter and play we help men and women feel alive and full of energy. We help men and women gain a new respect for themselves and others through an openness to new ideas, an acceptance of differences and a dedication to personal growth.

Wilderness Programs

One week each month we provide an opportunity to get away and reside in a foreign, yet safe environment where you can evaluate and appraise your life. This journey will be a wilderness experience that you will never forget.

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Anger Management

Rage is destructive. We enable men and women to resolve conflicts and find alternatives to explosive anger.

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Domestic Violence

We help men end domestic and sexual violence. Our groups help men learn better ways to express their resentments and frustrations.

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Intimacy Workshop

You'll learn skills that create more satisfying relationships with your spouse or partner.

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